Journal Entries: Thursday-Friday, December 19-20, 2019

Thursday, December 19, 2019 I watched Pastor Robert Morris’ teaching The Blessed Marriage this morning. He presented the true Biblical Marriage, how GOD views marriage, and why Satan hates marriage. I need to take this teaching to heart. Dear Abba Father, please do Your work in me so that I will become the husband and … Continue reading Journal Entries: Thursday-Friday, December 19-20, 2019

My Journey: Friday-Saturday, November 29-30, 2019-Teaching From Pastors Robert Morris, Jimmy Evans, And Tim Ross, Treadmill Walk, Encouragement

Please, take this to heart, especially if you struggle with health and fitness. Going in very tiny steps each day, even if you start out doing next to nothing and then build from there, will help you more than you know.