Turning The United States Of America Around: Part Four–GOD’s Promise

Let us stop being so concerned about the splinter in our brother's eye, and start dealing with the numerous logs in our own eyes. Then and only then will we see Abba Father keep His WORD, His Promises to us.

Turning The United States Of America Around: Part 2–Recognizing The Problem

It has been said on the world stage by former President Barack Hussein Obama, that the United States Of America is no longer a Christian nation. Many in this country have agreed with him, and many claim it never has been.

Daily Recitations: Getting More Faith

The idea here is to get more faith, both in quantity and quality; so that our faith becomes so abundant, and so unshakable, that we speak and live according to GOD's WORD, not just according to the parts that seem easy, reachable, or comfortable.