My Journey: Sunday, October 27, 2019-Urostomy Leak, Consistent Walk, Gathering With The Saints Of Bethel Valparaiso

The result of healing people just because our Heavenly Father loves them, no strings attached, is to show just that: that our Heavenly Father is NOT mad at them, but absolutely LOVES them.

My Journey: Wednesday, October 23, 2019-Frustrated By Doctor’s Office, Faster Walk At The Park, Bethel Community Group

I recommend learning them, and then learning and understanding your love language and that of your spouse and each member of your family. They are also good for improving any relationship.

My Journey: Saturday, October 20, 2019-Bethel Valparaiso, Joy, Appetite Is Back

Or do people want to follow those who believe the joy of the LORD is their strength and are walking around full of the joy of the LORD?