It may seem odd to add a Disclaimer to a blog site, however, in my case with today’s litigious society and government regulation I believe it may be necessary, so here it goes.


I am not a trained, educated, licensed, or ordained minister of the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. I do not speak for or claim to speak for the local congregation I attend, or for any group or person other than specifically myself. I do not claim agreement or endorsement from any person or group, even if I include quotes from their writings and teachings. I do not even claim that they are aware that I exist. What I write is my understanding at the time I write and post the article. Everything I write should be purposely checked against the Holy Bible, whatever resources the reader has, and in prayer, to verify its accuracy, truthfulness, and usefulness.

Health Services

Though the Holy Bible contains a lot of teaching about health, healthcare, and medicine, which is what I write about, it does not meet the government controlled standard of qualifying me (or anyone else) as a government approved or licensed medical or health care practitioner. I am not, nor do I claim to be, a licensed or even trained or educated health care practitioner of any variety, sort, or tradition. I do not give, nor do I claim to give, medical care or health care advice or counsel that meets any government standard of any kind. I only put forth what I understand from Holy Scripture (the Holy Bible) and publicly available information for information purposes only. I strongly insist that anyone reading what is written on this site verify the truthfulness and validity of what is written herein with the Holy Bible, and any resources you can avail yourself of. I strongly recommend going to your doctor, hospital, or other licensed and qualified health care professionals whenever you believe the need arises. These professionals are often extremely good at diagnosis, treatment, and verification of healing and recovery. You must avail yourself of whatever health care treatment you believe you need or that seems right to you. Every person has a different idea of how much faith to apply to their health and medical care, and where and when to apply it. You are responsible for educating yourself, asking questions, and making decisions as to what the correct course for you is.

Financial Services

Though the Holy Bible contains a lot of teaching concerning finances, prosperity, and wealth, the study of it does not license or qualify me or anyone else to be a government recognized financial professional of any kind. I do not claim to be a financial consultant or professional of any kind. I do not have the education, training, or licensing to even pretend to claim to be. Anything written on this site by me is what I understand from the Holy Scripture and from publicly available resources. I strongly recommend seeking out the qualified counsel of financial professionals concerning your finances, debts, investments, and wealth management. What is written herein is for information purposes only. You, the reader, must verify the validity and truthfulness of what is written. You the reader are responsible for the decisions you make concerning your finances, your wealth, and your prosperity. Even when obtaining the counsel of licensed, qualified professionals you are still the one responsible for making your own decisions and whether or not you act upon them.