Daily Recitations: Meditating on the WORD Of GOD

Meditation upon the WORD Of GOD is an effective and necessary tool in growing in the WORD Of GOD and learning to live in and according to the Laws and Ways of the Kingdom Of GOD. Unlike New Age meditation, where one empties their mind and opens themselves up to outside spiritual influences without testing … Continue reading Daily Recitations: Meditating on the WORD Of GOD

Daily Recitations: Practice In Preaching And Teaching The WORD Of GOD

This will help you develop your own personal style of preaching or teaching; as well as develop a passion for speaking the WORD Of GOD, even when you are just talking to someone or thinking about IT.

Daily Recitations: Filling The Heart With The WORD Of GOD (Planting Seed)

It seems many of us frequently are perturbed with the things that come out of our mouths. We want to speak better of ourselves and others, and we want to use better language overall; but it seems we just can't do it.