Brother Jim’s Bible Study Project

Holy Scripture is “Holy” for a reason, it is set apart from all other writings and teachings on the entire planet as being the Almighty Creator GOD breathed record of His dealings with humanity and creation as it relates to this planet. It is THE STANDARD OF TRUTH, to which nothing else can claim to compare.

Many will argue that there are a number of other books that should be regarded as “Holy” and also included in the Canon of Holy Scripture. A number of the books suggested have been proven to be frauds, while others have been considered to be historically important but are not considered to rise to the requirements of inclusion in Holy Scripture. I am not interested in debating the inclusion of “other books” in the Canon of Holy Scripture. I am interested in studying the Books we have in our record of Holy Scripture, and will reference some of the “other books” as they appear to be relevant in my limited understanding in gaining insight into passages of Holy Scripture. Some will agree with this approach, others will not. I am just doing the courtesy of letting those who are kind enough to read what I write know up front what I intend to do.

I will do my best to honor GOD’s Holy WORD as such, and will only succeed by His Holy Spirit and His Holy Grace.

It should also be known that this study will be in depth, maybe ridiculously so much of the time, and this may be very tedious for some, however, it is my desire to be comprehensive and understand as much as possible. I can see this study of the Holy Bible taking eight hours a day, seven days a week, for a century or more, if it could be done just the first time through; such is the depth of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that I believe is contained in Holy Scripture.

May Almighty GOD, our Abba Father bless you as you read this study.