If GOD IS LOVE, why do we who are created to be His Image and His Likeness so easily veer from the path of Love? We who are born again of the Holy Spirit of Almighty GOD, why do we so little resemble the LOVE that GOD our Father is?

Are we satisfied to continue as we are? Continually making excuses for our shortcomings and failures? Why do we not repent before our Heavenly Father, The Holy King of all creation? Why do we so despise true repentance and humility, when it is that repentance and humility that take us to the place where we more resemble our Creator, our Father, our GOD WHO IS LOVE?

I believe we must each ask ourselves these questions. Not about others, but about our individual selves. If we do not do so, and if we do not repent, then we should question ourselves, “Am I truly born again, or did I just mouth a prayer to escape the fires of hell?”

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