A Prayer For Those Tearing America Apart

Dearest Abba Father, I come to you in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ concerning the people who are tearing America apart. For those people who are taking concerns of peaceful people and using them as an excuse for violence, rioting, destruction, and murder; for those who are using anti-American, anti-Constitutional, anti-Biblical, and even anti-GOD beliefs to cause strife, division, anger, hatred, and offense; for those who have created and are leading groups in order to spread offense, strife, division, anger, hatred, and destruction to destroy this nation; for those politicians and bureaucrats who are passing or seeking to pass laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, and mandates that destroy our Constitution, that rob us of our freedom, and would set themselves as rulers over the people of The United States Of America instead of as servants of the people of The United States Of America; for those people who have promised to burn this nation to the ground if they do not get their way; for these people, the people who financially support them, who vote for them, who encourage them, and for those people who control them from the shadows, I ask not for judgment against them, but I ask for mercy and grace. I forgive them for their part in destroying America and I plead the Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ over them, that they may be cleansed of such sin and that the Light of Your Holy WORD and Your Love may shine in their hearts, and that the Truth of Your Holy WORD be made real to them. Remove the scales that are fixed over their eyes and over their ears that prevent them from seeing and hearing Truth. Soften their hearts to the Truth of Your WORD and toward Your Great Salvation. Bring them into the unity of faith in the LORD Jesus Christ and help them to live up to who and what You created them to be. Free them from the chains placed upon them by the spirits of darkness, the enemies of their souls who would drag them into hell and destroy this nation that You have blessed.

Abba Father, I ask in LORD Jesus Holy Name that You bring judgment against the true enemies of America and the purposes for which You have given it birth; bring judgment against the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places; bring judgment against all the unclean and evil spirits that would cause offence, strife, division, anger, hatred, and destruction in and upon America. Free us all of their chains and their evil desires. Cleanse us all with the Blood of LORD Jesus, shine Your Holy Light in all our hearts and minds and bring us into unity in Christ Jesus our LORD that we may be one people that bring praise and glory and honor to Your Holy Name as a nation, and that this blessed country of America should shine Your Holy Light for all the world to see.

I pray these things in the Name of The LORD Jesus Christ. I thank You Abba Father for hearing and answering these petitions and for bringing them to pass. May You receive all the glory and honor and praise, forever. Amen.

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