The New Civil War For The Soul Of America

There is a war going on for the soul of The United States Of America. It is a war that has taken itself to the streets of many cities in this great and wonderful country. This country that has done more for the world at large than any other country on this planet. The United States Of America is only just over 240 years old, and very young, a small child even, compared to many other countries in existence today. The United States Of America was founded for the purpose of having the freedom to worship Almighty GOD in whatever way an individual believed they were to do.

There have been great tragedies, and very tragic periods in the existence of this wonderful country, but that does not erase all the good that has also happened. All people are flawed, and it is quite easy to judge others from years and decades gone by; particularly when you have been indoctrinated instead of educated.

Yes, there have been those present in the history of The United States Of America that have done great evil, and there have been those who have done great good. Many had flaws that were a product of their time, while they yet yearned and reached for better for all people of this blessed country.

You can see the enemy of our souls in our streets; an enemy that regularly co-opts the pain, grief, and suffering of others and turns it into hatred and destruction. This enemy often promises to burn The United States Of America to the ground and replace it with their “utopia”; a “utopia” that is in fact a lie and easily exposed by anyone brave enough to think for themselves and ask questions. This enemy seeks to not only destroy our history, but to outright erase our history and rewrite a new history that denies all of the good that this country has done for people; not only here, but the world over.

It is time for all GOD-loving people to stand up and be counted. It is time for all GOD-loving people to put on the weapons of our warfare, which are not carnal, but are indeed spiritual and given to us by Almighty GOD and start making war in the heavenlies. Today is the day, and now is the time for all worshipers of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel), for all worshipers of the LORD Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah) to bring to bear all of our weapons of warfare and conquer the enemies of our souls, the enemies of our families, the enemies of our cities, the enemies of our states, and the enemies of our precious and blessed country.

The people we see in the streets looting, rioting, and destroying our cities are not our true enemies. They are simply pawns used by the enemies of our souls and need us to pray for them every day and every night. We must love our neighbors as we love ourselves in order to see them as the prisoners of Satan and his army of darkness that they are so that they may be freed from the bondage (spirit, soul, and body) they are in so that they may enter The Kingdom Of Light, The Kingdom Of Almighty GOD.

First, we must take to our knees and repent of the individual sins we have each committed, the sins that run in our families, the sins of our communities, and the sins of our nation in a truly humble and contrite manner.

Then we need to be praying for them when we join together for a meal, when we take a shower or bath, when we travel to work, when we rise up in the morning, and when we go to sleep at night. We need to pray for their eyes to be opened to see, their ears to be opened to hear, their minds to be opened to understand, and their hearts to be opened to receive The One Who gave His Life for them: The LORD Jesus Christ.

Do you want our country to be saved from destruction? Then you know what you have to do; what we all have to do. Today IS the day of salvation. Let the Light of the LORD Jesus Christ shine in you!

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