Journal Entry: Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday, June 8, 2020

282.6. No exercise – urostomy bag change day.

Yesterday at work (Sunday) my manager had to come in due to a call off of the scheduled midnight worker and the employee schedule changes it required to keep the store open and running. Someone who was to be off yesterday ended up working last night, I ended up working 2:30-10:30 p.m. instead of 12-8, and my manager worked the 12-8 shift instead of having her normal day off. Anyway, when I got in she gave me a printout of a very strong customer compliment that was sent in about me. I am very blessed where I work. My manager is downright awesome, the senior people at the store are fantastic to work with and to work for, there are several really good people to work with, Family Express is a really great company with good pay for what we do, and our customers are really great. There is also opportunity to advance and earn considerably more if you are willing to truly apply yourself and take the responsibility necessary as you advance. Almighty GOD has blessed me with this job and has given me great favor with others and the grace to do well. Thank You Almighty GOD!

I’m going to bed rather early today due to working an earlier shift than usual on Tuesday (9 a.m. -5 p.m.). Becoming familiar with other shifts is good training; it lets me understand the daily flow of the store throughout the day and provides opportunities to learn what needs to be done during different time frames to keep a very successful store running smoothly.

My new investments are are doing rather well. My newest investment (GNC) has taken off much faster than expected with the economy opening back up. I had hoped to purchase many more shares before it did so, but I am happy for the direction in which it is going. It has almost doubled in value during the past week. I am only a beginning investor with my first investment stream being $1,025 in Ford (F) and having barely begun my second investment stream ($78 so far in GNC; 100 shares). My initial goal is to start ten $1,000 investment streams over the next few years. If you start with $1,000 and you can double it ten times you will have $1,024,000. Doubling $100 thirteen times will give you $819,200. It is be easier on the front end as you add money each paycheck, but to do so through increases in investment value and trades takes some doing. By Almighty GOD’s grace I would like to get there overall by the time I’m 70 (I turn 60 in a few months), or sooner; the sooner the better. Getting one individual stream there would be awesome. I believe that if I can get to $500,000 overall I could likely retire if I wanted to and live off of my investing. Of course, retirement would end up being just doing different work that is less demanding in certain ways but honorable, fruitful, and of benefit to others. I have a very long way to go, but step by step, honoring Almighty GOD with His Tithe and offerings and alms, patience, and learning as best I can with the help of Holy Spirit I believe I can get there; providing I don’t get raptured first, or the government doesn’t decide to confiscate it all. Almighty GOD will provide either way.

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