Journal Entry: Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday, June 7, 2020

284.8. Step-ups: 125 @ 1159.64.

Breakfast Teaching: Peace On Your Earth with Pastor Robert Morris

Today had a little curve ball tossed to it. An hour after I got up I received a text from my store manager asking if I’d work 2:30-10:30 instead of 12-8. Of course I agreed. It seems there was a call off last night and she had to shuffle schedules a little bit.

My step-ups continued to increase in speed today. Yay GOD!

I took an almost 2-hour nap to extend my day for work.

Read Luke 5:21-26.

The scribe and Pharisees reasoned in their hearts that LORD Jesus had committed blasphemy by forgiving the man with palsy of his sins. Their reasoning was due to them believing that only Almighty GOD could forgive sins; so LORD Jesus, in forgiving the man’s sins was equating Himself with Almighty GOD. LORD Jesus, in response to their thoughts asked if it was easier to say, “Your sins are forgiven,” or “Rise up and walk”? To prove the Son of man has power to forgive sins. LORD Jesus turned to the man with the palsy and said, “Arise. Take up your bed and go to your house.” And the man immediately got up, picked up whatever made up what he was laying on (his “bed”) and went home glorifying Almighty GOD.

The religious, given over to or influenced by a spirit of religion, will often find fault with others and accuse them of doing evil, misleading people, of being false or frauds, and the like.

LORD Jesus didn’t even argue about WHO HE WAS. Instead, He identified Himself as the Son of man. LORD Jesus did nothing under His own Power, but did everything as a Son of man relying upon the Power of Holy Spirit; just as every son and daughter of men ought to.

What was the result of the man being healed? He went home glorifying Almighty GOD. What a surprise that must have been to his family! Not to mention his neighbors and all the people who knew him! The people at the house where LORD Jesus was were all amazed and many were filled with fear. Fear is a result of realizing the Presence of our Holy GOD is with is and how sinful we are. LORD Jesus came to bring us His Righteousness and His Peace in place of that fear.

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