Journal Entry: Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday, June 6, 2020


Breakfast Teaching: Welcome Home: The Gifts Of The Father with Pastor Robert Morris

I made the mistake of starting to watch a new episode of Marvel’s Agents Of Shield a little late last night. I ended up with 6 ½ hours of sleep instead of the 7 I should have gotten as a minimum. I wish I understood why I do this to myself often; nearly always, it seems.

I got up with pain deep in my left hip joint, so I had to skip my step-ups this morning. Interesting thought, when I got up from the Breakfast Teaching the pain was gone. It reminds me of the Holy Scripture from a few days ago. LORD Jesus was teaching and the Power of GOD was there to heal them all. Thank You Abba Father for healing me of this pain.

Read Luke 5:18-20.

LORD Jesus was in a house teaching and there was a multitude of people there to listen. Some men brought another man with palsy on a bed of some type to lay on so that LORD Jesus would heal him. Seeing the multitude, and that there was no way to get into the house, they climbed up on top of the roof, removed tiling, and lowered the man into LORD Jesus’ Presence so that he would be healed. LORD Jesus looked up and saw the faith of the men who brought the man with the palsy to Him, and LORD Jesus said, “Man, your sins are forgiven you.” How often are we beset by sickness and disease due to our own sin? Throughout Holy Scripture Almighty GOD repeatedly gives us the choice of following the world and suffering the ill effects of doing so, or following the Way of His Kingdom and having life, health, peace, and prosperity. We like to look for a physical cause for our ailments, when sickness and disease are a payment due us as the just wages for following sin. We even question why Almighty GOD would allow us to be ill, when He gave us the choice of following Him and being well, or following the world (whose god is the Devil; Satan) and receiving the just payment of the world for what was our own choice. While sickness and disease may have some physical component to them, their root, the thing that opens the door to them, is sin; the root of much sickness and disease is spiritual, and we choose whether to open the door to it or not, much of the time. We need to follow Almighty GOD and His Holy Way, thereby closing the door to sin and shutting out sickness and disease. If we find we have any open door, we must repent and close it, so that our sins may be forgiven and we may be healed. This may be why so many of us do not receive our healing, but instead suffer illness and disease, sometimes for years, and sometimes to death. I believe we need to examine ourselves, confess our sins, and repent wholeheartedly, and live out that repentance. I believe many of us would be amazed at the result.

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