Journal Entry: Friday, June 5, 2020

Friday, June 5, 2020

282.4. Lunges: 24” – 25; 18” – 75.

Today was a day off from work at Family Express. I relaxed much of the day. My investments are doing okay. Ford stock is up $1.47 (25%) per share compared to my average purchase price. GNC is down $0.03 (-3%) per share compared to my purchase price. I am expecting GNC to start making money as the economy opens back up, and then be able to get its debt load under control. I expect Ford to hit $10-12 per share sometime next spring or early summer, provided President Trump gets re-elected. With the current direction of the Democrat Party, for them to get anyone in the White House this year would, in my opinion, be a financial disaster for the United States of America, and eventually lead the world into a global economic crisis.

When a party believes it is okay to let murderers, rapists, and violent pedophiles loose from prison to protect them from an illness while it is okay to send law abiding citizens to prison in their place for not wearing a mask, or for opening their place of business in order to earn the money to feed their family, that party is no longer American, but is of the Devil. When a party claims child sacrifice is a normal and godly way of life while having kicked Almighty GOD out of their party, but still pretend to have a high moral ground, that party is no longer American, but of the Devil. That party, and the people who vote them into office, regardless of their claimed reason are going to have to answer for their evil. I could go on and on with this, but if this hasn’t made the point, it is only because people have followed their evil for so long that their conscience has been seared and is no longer able to understand the difference between good and evil. LORD GOD Almighty, have mercy on their souls.

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