Journal Entry: Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thursday, June 4, 2020

283.6. Step-ups. 120 @ 12:09.99.

I find myself disappointed with myself today. Anita told me that a few weeks ago she had started having pain everywhere, so she is finally going to the doctor today. For a while I have thought she doesn’t take care of herself as she ought to. She’s 64, she works like she’s twenty something, she doesn’t do any stretching, and she doesn’t get enough sleep for her body to recover. I prayed with her about it (the pain and going to the doctor) but my prayer was weak and feeble. I can’t get her to take care of herself properly, and I seem to be very weak in my faith. I’m struggling with my own physical healing; some things for almost 40 years now. It is clear, though I am becoming more focused on Almighty GOD and His WORD, I am not doing so nearly enough to grow my faith the way I should.

There is good news though, my speed with the step-ups is still increasing, and it is starting to have aerobic impact. Yay!

Read Luke 5:17.

A bunch of people were gathered to hear LORD Jesus teach, including Pharisees and doctors of the law, and the power of the LORD was present to heal them. I wonder, how often is the power of the LORD to heal present and I miss it?

If the LORD is always with us, isn’t His Power to heal always present? Then why do so many of us need to be healed and made whole? What am I missing? Faith? Is it that the WORD of GOD is in my mind but not in my heart? I think I need to record GOD’s WORD about healing and start listening to it until it produces its fruit.

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