Journal Entry: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

283.0. Step-ups: 105: 12:11.82.

Last night I did not go to bed as quickly as I thought I would after working a slightly later shift, but sometimes it’s just nice to relax a little going into a couple days off. I also did not get up as soon as I planned; I just didn’t feel like it. That’s okay though, it’s my day off. I got about seven and a half to eight hours of restful sleep and felt more stable when I got out of bed that I have for seemingly a little over a week. Then I checked the stock market.

At the beginning of the year I decided to start investing in the stock market to build some type of a retirement plan (kind of late since I’ll be 60 in a few months, previous attempts had to be raided due to circumstances a few times). I started with my employee 401(k) plan, investing 6% of each check, which is matched 50% up to the 6% limit by Family Express, my employer. So, effectively, this invests the equivalent of 9% of my income. A 50% immediate increase is a good thing, yes? I also began saving towards doing my own investing in the stock market. I chose to start investing in Ford Motor Company in late February and then continued to in little bites until a couple weeks ago. I met one of my plan markers with the last purchase, which was to develop the first of ten streams of $1,000 each. Now that I have passed the $1,000 mark I need to decide which plan marker I will abide by: 1) developing ten $1,000 streams, or 2) continue purchasing Ford until it gets back up to $8.00 per share and hold until it gets to where I think it is going by next spring/summer.

I have been doing the free learning courses through TD Ameritrade, and a plan is there to help you make smart decisions instead of greedy or emotional ones. So, I guess I’ll start my next stream. However, with 175 shares of Ford, my average share price is $5.86, which for me is good news. Today seems to be my “break even” day as Ford is starting its plants back up from this COVID-19 mess and getting back on track. And, for every $0.5714 rise in share price I will increase $100 in value of this stream. I am hoping, with President Trump getting re-elected this fall, Ford will go to between $10 and $12 by next spring or summer. That would be a really good start.

I increased speed a bit on my step-ups today; my body just felt like going a tad bit faster than the past few times. Yay! I’m feeling stronger today than I have for a while. Again, Yay!

Guitar practice went well enough today. I played through The Logic Of Love by William Ellwood again today, it’s been about a week. My first finger, left-hand, handled the two and three string barres a bit better, but is still sore and weak. I am trying to change the way I handle things at work so as not to put so much stress on it. I am also working on adjusting the angle at which I hole my guitar in order to get more sound out of it.

Also, I watched a few Parkour videos last night before going to bed, which is partly why I got to bed a bit later than planned. I would have to say it was a little inspiring.

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