Journal Entry: Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday, May 22, 2020

285.6. Lunges: 18” – 100.

Breakfast Teaching: REAL Stories: Clark Whitten

I recommend everyone watch the REAL Stories: Clark Whitten video. It is his testimony of part of his life. He grew up as a bootlegger, or at least as a driver for them, in a family that seemed to have no good in it. It makes me wonder, how many people have I failed to tell the Good News that LORD Jesus loves them? How can I incorporate this into my day. Should I just add “Jesus loves you,” when I tell people “Be blessed” or “Have a blessed day” at work? Should I tell people at Family Express when I serve them, “Have a blessed day. And remember, Jesus loves you.”? Would this be permitted? Would this be okay? Or should I leave it at “Be blessed” or “Have a blessed day”?

Last night I practiced the first two movements of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan for the second time. Several years ago I new the three empty hand forms of Wing Chun and the first section of the Yang Style Long Form of Tai Chi Chuan. I noticed last night, as also happened the last time I did the movements, I had a problem while sleeping. A night terror was harassing me. This leads me to believe practicing Tai Chi with intent opens a spiritual door that I don’t want open. The dreams I had were similar in that in each of them I was trying to rest or sleep and was concerned about something coming after me. In one dream I was in a very large room in a large house in the woods and something the size of a mouse was running around the floor quickly and running into things. As I took notice, it sounded like the creature got bigger every few times it banged into something. Eventually it sounded as big as a house cat or an opossum. I leaned over the right side of my bed and tried to check the time but couldn’t find the clock. After looking for the clock for a few moments I came to and realized I was actually leaning over the right side of my bed looking for my clock, but I was looking in the direction the table clock should have been in my dream. It took a bit for me to realize this, and when I adjusted myself I “felt” the night terror try to run up next to my bed (not running into it) and stick its head up to scare me. It tried this three or four times; it didn’t work. There was a time this would have scared me, or at least made me extremely anxious. It seems this night terror was trying to break through from the spiritual realm into the physical realm, but I had to give in to the fear to allow it to do so; to enable it to cross over.

Part of my daily recitation from Psalm 91 is, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night…” Praise GOD this Scripture is taking root in me!

Once I was awake I realized that this night terror was one of the “frogs” from the “Frog Dream” I had recently. Why it seems tied to practicing Tai Chi seems odd. Mankind was not originally intended to have the knowledge of combat, killing, and war; we were intended to have the knowledge of life with Almighty GOD and His Goodness. Though man killed (Cain killed [murdered] his brother Abel; Lamech, when his vision had dimmed was hunting with his very young son Tubal-Cain who helped him direct him to shoot with arrows what they thought was a beast a long distance off, but found out it was Cain, and Lamech struck his own son in his grief); the knowledge of many things we were not intended to practice, or at least were not ready to know about, came through the Watchers.

This night terror is knockgluting at a door opened by me practicing Tai Chi. I think it best I repent and keep this door closed. It also made me think about what the other frogs in the Frog Dream represented. I think one was sexually impure thoughts/masturbation, and another was gluttony. All of these I had battled on and off for years in the past. It seems I was given a reprieve for a time after my surgery last year; now it is time for me to make some definite and definitive choices. I still need to understand what the fourth frog in the line of four is, and what the original frog that I swept outside is. I want to enjoy that nice, new, huge house; and I don’t want any unclean spirits (frogs) infesting it. I don’t want to open the door to them, but I want to close them completely out and keep them completely away.

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