Journal Entry, May 21, 2020

Thursday, May 21, 2020

287.4. Step-ups: 95 @ 12:59.08.

Breakfast Teaching: REAL Stories: Searching For Significance with Jimmy Evans

Slow going this morning. I even got up at my first snooze alarm and still I’m running behind.

Yesterday I spent two hours trimming/pruning my six dwarf fruit trees. I wasn’t up to doing it Monday on my other day off this week, with the things I did Monday. I feel like I sinned yesterday. Yesterday was supposed to be my day of rest. GOD made a week for us and designed things so we would rest from all work one day each week. This is becoming important to me. Why do we hold the other nine commandments in a higher regard and not this one? To have a day of rest is important. LORD GOD, I have sinned against You in not honoring having a Sabbath Day, a Day of Rest each week. Please forgive me and help me to honor this commandment from now on. In LORD Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

I tried playing guitar last night for a second time yesterday; mistake. As soon as I tried to hold a two string barre my first finger was in pain. This morning my right ankle and foot is bothering me. I need to get beyond these physical problems. Where is my active faith for healing, wholeness, and health? I have been fighting this fight for so long; I need the victory that is in Christ Jesus.

I Am a child of Almighty GOD learning to serve in my Father’s Kingdom.

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