Journal Entry: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

285.4. Lunges: 18” – 95; 12” – 5.

Today is a day off from work at my job with Family Express. I have been blessed to work for this company, especially at the stores I have been assigned to. My first store had me working as their closer. This got me a steady 40 hours per week as long as I was willing to be their closer. Ed was a really good manager to work for. He is one of three managers covering two stores instead of the normal one. Danni is the manager at the store I work at now. Don’t get me wrong, Ed was (is) a great manager, but because he was (is) assigned two stores I didn’t get to interact with him as much. Almighty GOD graced me with a good work ethic and with favour, so Ed knew I didn’t need watching after and he was then freed up to handle his extra load a bit. He is a caring manager who was always available and happy to help; even when you had to call him right after he fell asleep for the night to be ready for an early shift the next morning. Ed was (is) a truly great manager. Danni, my current manager, handles one store; but wow(!) it is busy. There are more people at this store and she really has a great core team. I am really blessed to work at this store for her. Soon I am going to be picking up mid-day (9-5) shifts and some morning opener (6-2) shifts and be learning their duties, including paperwork, reports, and inventory for these shifts. By this fall or winter I should be promoted from Sales Associate to Senior Sales Associate. All the people I work with are so willing to help everyone (including each other) learn and grow at this store. Have I said it enough? I am blessed!

My Anthem Indiana Medicaid sent me a notice about my medicaid payments. It seems that for March, April, May, and possibly June and July, I don’t have a medicaid payment due to the current COVID-19 situation. I went online to the website to try to make my June payment and it said, “No Payment Due.” I find myself not happy about this. I don’t need a 3-5 month break from the payments. I understand that many people do, but I do not. Both my wife, Anita, and I have kept up our work hours because of where we work. Help when I need it is one thing, but I would rather make these payments and let them help someone else who has that need.

Last night, when I went to bed I had an interesting experience. I began praying and praising in the Spirit. I could feel GOD’s Presence, The Presence of Holy Spirit everywhere, especially I my hands. I sensed darkness attempt to resist and create fear, but I pushed in even more. I opened my eyes and looked at my hands and arms, which were lifted up from my lying position in bed, and it looked like they were engulfed with a blue fire. I’ve seen and felt this before, but this seemed considerably stronger. This lasted about half an hour, as I recall.

I’m feeling quite good today, remembering: I Am a child of Almighty GOD learning to serve in His Holy Kingdom. I Am Blessed!


An indigenous lady eating deep green leaves off a lush bush in a wooded area.

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