Journal Entry: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

286.2. No Exercise.

Breakfast Teaching: REAL Stories – James Robison

Today I woke up. As I was getting around, instead of my usual though, “I’m nobody,” the thought “I’m a child of Almighty GOD learning to serve in my Father’s Kingdom,” filled my head; a much better identity, I believe.

Read Luke 4:38-39.

Simon’s (Peter’s) mother-in-law was sick, and they asked LORD Jesus to heal her. The KJV uses the word “besought”, they earnestly asked LORD Jesus to heal her. LORD Jesus healed her. As soon as He did, Simon Peter’s mother-in-law ministered to the people there. I don’t think LORD Jesus heals us just so we can sit around and say, “Yah, I’m healed. Praise GOD. I’m healed.” I believe LORD Jesus heals us so we will praise GOD, draw nearer to GOD, and serve others better, do so with the love of GOD, and so we would testify to the goodness of Almighty GOD.

LORD GOD – Abba Father, LORD Jesus, Holy Spirit – make Yourself real to me; more real than this pen I am writing with and more real than my hand which I am using to write this with. In LORD Jesus’ Name I pray.

(NOTE: Most of my journal entries are written in a notebook before being entered into the computer.)

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