Journal Entry: Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday, May 18, 2020

285.6. Step-ups: 90 @ 11:38.20.

This week my two days off are not consecutive, but instead are separated by one day. This is going to be happening more in the near future due to working some morning and early morning shifts; allowing me time to adjust from my usual afternoon/evening shifts. This will mean I will also get to start learning morning duties and the opener duties and paperwork. Overall, in the long run, it will be a blessing. I have a really good (great, awesome, terrific) store manager, and some really good people at the top of our store to work for and work with. I am truly blessed.

I went grocery shopping with Anita today at our local Walmart. It went well. We also went to Menard’s in Portage, where everybody has to wear a face mask and nobody 16 and under are allowed out of their own cars in the parking lot, let alone in the store. A bit much? Yep, but it is their privately owned store and their decision; nobody is being forced to shop there. We bought a couple hanging baskets and a few plants for our front door area planters. Anita also got a solar powered gecko to hang by the front door and a small bird figure that is the same as one we already have to keep it company. I bought her a gliding swing for our covered front porch, and it is like a little sanctuary for her to relax, read a book, get fresh air, and watch people walk, bicycle, and drive down the street. The porch faces the west, so there is a sunset to enjoy in the evenings. Her little sanctuary to relax in.

Kaiden, my six year old grandson, helped plant the flowers in the planters. He dug the holes with a garden hand shovel for me to put the plants in. He did a really good job. I also sharpened my tree pruners with a rather small and simple tool. We shall see how well I did in a couple days.

Tomorrow I work my usual shift, then I am off Wednesday. On Wednesday I am planning to trim our dwarf fruit tree tops, put bone meal in our potato buckets, and hopefully set up bird/animal netting from the ground up one layer, maybe 5 feet high, to keep the local cats out; they often dig stuff up that they can get in to. Kaiden is scheduled to cut down the old netting with scissors, which will be helpful. He is such a good worker.

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