Journal Entry: Sunday May 17, 2020

Sunday, May 17, 2020

285.6. Lunges: 18”-90, 12”-10.

Breakfast Teaching: REAL Stories: Out Of A Horrible Pit with Pastor Robert Morris

I slept very soundly last night, yet I am tired this morning; I feel it everywhere. I am tired of feeling and being tired so much. I have decided to look at this differently; I’m overcoming. Yeas, I am overcoming constant tiredness and weariness. I am overcoming.

I went to post the Breakfast Teaching I viewed today. It took four attempts to get it to post on my Facebook page Seeking The Kingdom Of GOD. On USA Life Social Network I tried seven or eight times, and then I left it while it was still “processing” the request after a minute. We shall see if it finishes. I have been having continually more difficulty posting these types of videos on both Facebook and USA Life Social Network, and the latter is supposed to be a conservative Christian social media site.

(Note: When I turned my computer off to go to work 3 hours later the attempted posting of the video was still processing. Really? What’s up with that?)

Read Luke 4:33-37.

Hold thy peace and come out of him.

LORD Jesus didn’t argue and debate the demon, He simply commanded it to hold it’s peace and leave. The same Holy Spirit that rested upon LORD Jesus was sent upon LORD Jesus’ ascension starting with Pentecost to dwell in and rest upon whosoever would believe. LORD Jesus is still on the Throne at the right hand of Almighty GOD our Heavenly Father and His Name is still above all other names in power and authority. LORD Jesus never took back His Command to cast out devils (demons) in His Name. We should be doing so the same way LORD Jesus did with the same ease and results as He did. It is not by our power or our spirit, but by the Power and Authority of LORD Jesus’ Name and Holy Spirit. We are simply to do so in obedience to Him. LORD Jesus was so effective at this that people wondered and were amazed, they often glorified Almighty GOD, and testimony of LORD Jesus display of the Kingdom of Almighty GOD spread everywhere throughout the town He was in and the surrounding area. When will we follow His Holy Example? When will I live up to His Holy Example?

LORD Jesus, please help me to live up to the Example You set for me in proclaiming, living, and spreading Your Holy Kingdom, the Holy Kingdom of our Holy Father in Heaven. Amen.

Heard during quiet time: “How is it going Jimmy?” A masculine voice, immediately followed by the alarm to get ready for work sounded.

Thought a few minutes after: I looked in his eyes and could see he was delivered.

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