Journal Entry: Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday, May 16, 2020

285.6. Step-ups: 85 @ 11:28.12.

Breakfast teaching: An Attitude Of Rest with Pastor Robert Morris

An Attitude Of Rest teaches about GOD’s ordained plan to have one day of rest each week. We need to re-examine how we look at rest, work, time, and trusting GOD. Work is a blessing. Work was assigned to Adam and Eve before they sinned. Rest is also a blessing; and a requirement. How do we purposely choose to spend our time? Do we trust GOD enough to take a day to simply rest and spend time with Him? How about our nightly sleep? Are we worried and concerned and having trouble going to sleep? Could it be because we don’t trust our Abba Father with the problems we face? Please, watch the above linked video; it will be a blessing to you.

Yesterday work was a bit challenging. It was rather busy and I had the slowest people in our store all at the same time. I must trust Abba Father to help in times like this. Holy Spirit always calms, steadies, and strengthens me to meet and overcome challenges.

Today I was feeling yesterday’s effort. I struggled a bit with the step-ups; doing only 7+ per minute. Guitar practice went okay. I struggle to fit it in and with how to approach practice. I may have to focus on only one exercise peer session and keep with it until I get it right. It seems I do not have the time to do much with guitar right now, but I’ll keep at it. We shall see what comes to pass.

Read Luke 4:31-32.

When we talk about Almighty GOD, His Holy Kingdom, and His Holy Way, are people astonished at what we say? Does what we say amaze, encourage, and excite them? Does what we say draw them nearer to our Father in Heaven? Our LORD Jesus Christ? Holy Spirit? Does what we say increase their love for and appreciation of Almighty GOD? Does it draw them into the Kingdom of GOD? LORD Jesus spoke the WORD with power. Do we? Is not the same Holy Spirit that rested upon LORD Jesus with us today to also empower us to do so? Do we spend enough time with Almighty GOD to hear and know what He wants us to say to others about Him and His Holy Kingdom?

LORD GOD, Father in Heaven, please, help us to speak Your Holy WORD with love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, and power like our LORD Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah) did. In LORD Jesus holy Name we pray. Amen.

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