Journal Entry: Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday, May 15, 2020

285.4. Lunges: 18”-85, 12”-15.

Breakfast teaching: Because I Love You by Pastor Robert Morris

Today I start my final 30-day prescription of Eliquis. Yay GOD! After this I will be medicine free.

I’m changing my workout/exercise cycle; four days to exercise, then one off day. It is due to my urostomy bag change schedule in order to balance out the time it takes me to do things in the morning.

Read Luke 4:23-30.

How often have we, no; how often have I gotten upset with Almighty GOD over things that happened or didn’t happen? With things He said or didn’t say? How often have I railed against Him in my life or pushed Him away because I didn’t get the answer I wanted, when I wanted, the way I wanted? How many times have I blamed Almighty GOD for something I didn’t even understand? Almighty GOD IS LOVE. If He does or ways something, He does so because HE IS LOVE. I should be very cautions about blaming Him for anything. All His thoughts towards me are for my good, to give me a hope and a future. Evil does not come from Almighty GOD in any form; but, if I will turn it over to Him and repent for any part I have had in it, He has given His WORD that He will work it out for my good. It may not be the timing I would like, or the journey I expect, but it will be for my good; and bring me closer to Him.

Abba Father, help me to see Your Way and Your Purpose in all things. Help me to have patience to walk through things with You instead of always wanting the easy way out. Help me to mature in my love for You and in my faith in You. In LORD Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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