Journal Entry: Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020

Today I am writing my journal differently. I am writing it straight to the computer instead of on paper first.

While getting started for the day I got a call from work asking where a particular set of keys were. Well, I let a gal from work use my coat last night while she started the trash and cleaned the pet wash; it was raining and my coat is waterproof. Silly girl, she left the keys to the pet wash annex (along with several other keys on the key ring) in my coat pocket, so I had to drive them in. No problem, I needed to gas up my wife’s car and air up her tires anyway. This did, however, change around all my plans for the day.

I did not weigh in, or exercise, or practice guitar, or have a quiet time. I have wondered though, how far is our society going to go down the rabbit hole, and how far down the hole are we going to allow ourselves to be stuck by the “powers that be”.

When I think about the things our country and our world are going through, there is much more than a human intelligence attacking us. Things that, when stepping back far enough, are tied together with a timing that is nearly unbelievable. I do not believe any human being could plan such evil on such a massive scale timed so well the world over and make much of it look like good.

People in various areas of power and influence are talking about forced vaccines for everyone, and using some type of electronic marker or chip to identify everyone who has had the approved vaccines and approved clearance to be in public. Many people will resist this at first, but then there will be an incremental approach instituted in many new “public interest programs” where each little increment will appear good, and safe, and secure. Most people will go along with this until it is too late. Those who refuse to will be harassed, belittled, condemned, and called racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and all kinds of hateful and “phobic” things that there aren’t even words for yet.

I am truly concerned. Holy Scripture tells us that the path to destruction is wide, and many people choose that path; while at the same time the path of righteousness is narrow, and few people will choose the path of righteousness.

So look around right now at any gathering you are in, and remember, “many” is the majority and “few” is the minority; most of the people in the area you are in either have chosen, are choosing, or will choose the path to destruction. Most of the people we meet, love them or not, are actually going to hell. This should terrify us all! Everyone’s eternal destination is their own choice, but those who have chosen righteousness are responsible for living in such a way as to provide a witness of the LORDship of Jesus Christ in our lives. The way we live our lives should set us apart from everybody else. We are called to be “in the world” but NOT “of the world”. We are to be a sanctified people, a people set apart, not by a superior than thou attitude or a haughty spirit, but by a spirit of love, joy, peace, humility, and patience that is so different from the rest of the world that people come to us to understand this difference and ask for help so that they may have this difference in their lives too?

Am I living such a life? I want to, but I do not think I am currently anywhere close to it; which means to me, that many of the people I meet each day are going to hell, and it is partially my fault because my life is not bearing witness to the goodness of the Kingdom of Almighty GOD. Dear LORD GOD Almighty, help me to live as Your witness to every person I meet, every day; let Your Kingdom come and be seen in my life, and Your Will be done in my life each and every day here on earth just as it is in Heaven. Let Your Love, Peace, Patience, Truth, and Compassion flow freely through me to every one at all times, in LORD Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

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