Journal Entry: Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday, May 10, 2020

284.8. Lunges: 18” – 80, 12” – 20.

I was going slow getting up today, but somehow I exercised and practiced guitar today. Kaiden was up early this morning so I was able to practice guitar without waking him up. My first finger is still bothering me quite a bit; it is hindering my guitar practice.

I slept well enough last night. I am looking forward to one more three day weekend.

As things start opening back up in our country I hope people are able to recover their losses and get back on track. We willingly, and I believe foolishly, acquiesced too much, giving up our Constitutional Rights for the false promises of safety based on repeatedly wrong statistical models and purposely false reporting of the facts. Our government better be very careful, the United States of America is NOT like the rest of the world. We enjoy our freedom, and despite the political leftists and so-called “Mainstream Media” trying to claim and program us otherwise, we intend to keep it.

I find it interesting that we have had armed protests against the impingement upon our Constitutional Rights and how the Democrat Party and Mainstream Media talked as though they posed a violent threat while there were zero incidents; and yet when Acorn, SEIU, and Antifa hold their fascist and violent rallies, demonstrations, and protests they are portrayed as peaceful and necessary. The socialists/communists/globalists have caused the division they sought in our country with their evil ways; a revolution is being stirred, and it won’t be pretty. I pray righteousness and freedom prevail before it becomes an armed conflict in our country. I really do not want to see a civil war here.

Read Luke 4:14-15.

And Jesus (Yeshua) returned in the power of the Spirit.

The power of Holy Spirit. This is what I have been praying for for decades; nearly forty years. I have read about others who have lived in it, and heard many testimonies. What is it I am missing? Why has this eluded me for so very long? I have not given up; nor will I.

LORD GOD, I ask for the same power of Holy Spirit as LORD Jesus had coming out of the desert fast, the same power the 120 had on the Day of Pentecost when Holy Spirit was poured out upon them. I ask for the infilling and total immersion in Holy Spirit and Your Holy Fire without measure. In LORD Jesus precious and holy Name. Amen.

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