Journal Entry: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday, May 9, 2020

285.8. No exercise.

Change urostomy bag.

Broken sleep last night. A little foggy this morning. I wanted to go back to sleep to see the result in the rest of a dream but it was time to get up. Guitar practice was okay. It’s been two days in a row when the Gateway Church (Pastor Robert Morris) site wouldn’t play it’s sermons. I’m on a series from 2007 about Heaven with Brady Boyd..

Last night, while I was getting my dinner around to heat up, Anita came out to the kitchen, she was getting ready for bed, and was concerned that she had not been able to go number two for two whole days now. I suggested eating more veggies and getting prune juice. She was really concerned though and didn’t want to put more in her if it might just get stuck. She said she had used a stool softener, which had always worked for her before, but not this time. Seeing her concern so high, I laid hands on her, one on her stomach and the other on her lower back, and prayed. This morning she left me a note on our small dry erase board that she had “victory” this morning. Yay GOD!

Read Luke 4:9-13

Satan attempts to tempt LORD Jesus to prove who HE IS. When we hold to the WORD of GOD, people inspired by Satan will come against our belief in the WORD of GOD and against us. I had an encounter almost 40 years ago when I was working at Project ABLE in Fayetteville, NC on an internship assignment. We were talking about Mark 16:15-20. The two “Christian” ladies said, “Well, prove it’s true and drink some bleach, then we’ll believe you.” I explained to them we do not just drink poison on purpose, because that is tempting GOD. But GOD would protect us if someone attempted to poison us. They scoffed. They didn’t realize they were doing the same thing to me that Satan did to LORD Jesus. There have been testimonies of missionaries winning over areas because someone poisoned them to no effect, and seeing this people recognized the power of GOD and repented, with a following move of Holy Spirit in the community. I also told them about this and they still scoffed. Satan tempted LORD Jesus to prove who HE IS, and used Holy Scripture from Psalm 91 to do so. Satan likes to misapply Holy Scripture to persuade us to do things we shouldn’t. LORD Jesus put Satan in his place with the proper application of Holy Scripture. I find it interesting that in verse 13, it appears Satan was not yet done tempting LORD Jesus, and when he finally was, he only left LORD Jesus alone for “a season”.

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