Dreams And Visions: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday, May 9, 2020


I was attached to a special operations unit as an extreme long range sniper. My job was to shoot the commanding officers throughout the enemy’s ranks and also personnel operating specialty weapons. Thee were about six or eight of us waiting for others to arrive. We were to engage a division size force, take out their command structure and specialized weaponry, and decimate their unit. By the next morning we had a couple dozen people, but not nearly enough for the mission. We were in a forest around smaller mountains. I went across a dirt roadway alone and out a way to think. While sitting I encountered local people, like a militia group. They were eager and happy to help engage the enemy with us. It seems we were in the United States somewhere facing a foreign enemy. I led them back to camp and Christ Hemsworth was not our lead officer. He said we don’t have enough people for the mission. I replied, “We do now.” And the militia group I came across came into the area, it was at leas a company sized group, and I knew more people were on the way.

Suddenly, there was to my left, a naked woman convulsing and writhing on the ground. Apparently she was a scout, and had been hit with an energy weapon that affected her central nervous system. I was angered and said, “Get me five thousand rounds!” Someone remarked, “Are you going to kill them all?” I just glared at them, picked up the bags of rounds, and headed out alone.

I woke up in a cave with only my socks, boots, undies, cammo pants, and OD green T-Shirt on, but clean. I felt groggy, and asked what happened? Christ Hemsworth replied, “You don’t remember?” Then he said to a nearby soldier, “It was so intense he doesn’t remember.”

As I came fully to myself we moved to a site below a ridge where the enemy was planning to move through, only now their forces were only a third the size they had been. Apparently I had taken out much of their command structure and their energy weapons and operators, and some other personnel. I had created such havoc from the distance I was shooting that they had no idea what direction they were being attacked from, and in the confusion also shot blindly, killing many of their own people.

We were at an abandoned mobile listening post, like a modular trailer office. Christ told me to post in the area below the trailer and west of it. He was going to the east to intercept the enemy. My group’s job, about a dozen of us, was to steer the enemy toward Chris’s troops as they came from the north over a ridge. I woke up before the action started.

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