Dreams And Visions: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020


I was in a town, seemingly just east of the southeastern French border; it still felt like France, though. I was on a man’s property who had gotten a car for me, an older maroon Mercury Monarch four door sedan. I looked under the rear of the car where he was working on it. The rear differential looked different; it was flat on the bottom and the top was shaped like a partially flattened upside down bowl. He was putting sheets of a metallic film on the sides and folding it under the bottom of the universal joint. He said, “This is why they had a wood crate tied around it.” It seems odd, but I have seen this stuff before. He said the car would be fine now. I just had to drive it back to the town he bought it in to register it, which was a trip across France to southern Spain. He said it would be a nice, relaxing Bourne trip. So I jokingly asked, “You mean I have to kill somebody when I get there?” He didn’t look happy at the question.

A while after I woke up I was thinking about this and wondered if he meant to say, “boring.” Then again, maybe he didn’t. If he didn’t, I thought the reference to Jason Bourne was a bit odd and intriguing.

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