Journal Entry: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

285.6. No exercise.

Two days off with an hour or two of yard work between them, and still, all I want to do is go to bad and sleep. Anita used to say that I am bi-polar, a bi-polar manic depressive. Sometimes it would take a few days to switch from one to the other; sometimes it would be in an instant, faster than the blink of an eye or the flip of a switch. It is the grace of Almighty GOD that has helped me improve on this, without physical medicine. I do, however, take spiritual medicine: the WORD of GOD. I take spiritual therapy too: quiet time with GOD. Otherwise I would be such a mess nobody would be able to stand me. Anita has only stayed with me this long, 37 years, by the grace of Almighty GOD. If it weren’t for her I would likely be a quite reclusive hermit living GOD only knows where, and GOD only knows in what condition.

People acquainted with me think I am a “people person”, and even when I explain the truth, most don’t hear me or believe me. I do love people, but in very small doses (one or two at a time, two or three times a day); anything beyond that I rely on the grace of Almighty GOD and Holy Spirit. I really, really like to be alone.

Anita should be home any minute. I need to get showered and get her car’s gas tank filled up.

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