Journal Entry: Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday, May 3, 2020

283.0. No Exercise.

Due to me working a later shift today I was able to practice guitar. Kaiden was already up watching Veggie Tales. At six and a half years old it’s amazing how he can be so big, and so little at the same time. He is truly a blessing from Almighty GOD.

Work has been rather busy with the warmer weather these past few days. It will be nice having businesses open back up in our state this coming month. What a mess we are going to have for the next six to twelve months due to this shut down. People, so many people, seem unaware of the nightmare coming our way because we allowed the government to do what it did and is doing. Almighty GOD is the Only One that can get us through the coming morass.

Read Luke 4:1-2.

After LORD Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by His cousin, John, and was filled with Holy Spirit, He was led by Holy Spirit into a desert wilderness. Once in the desert LORD Jesus fasted, not eating any food. I think we often overlook these Scripture verses. LORD Jesus was tempted for forty days by the Devil; not just the three times explicitly described in Scripture. Elsewhere, Holy Scripture tells us He was tempted in all things as we are. I can’t even imagine forty straight days of being tempted by the Devil, let alone while fasting from all food in a desert wilderness. He did this for us, because He loves every one of us!

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