Dreams And Visions: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020

I was in the air, but close to the ground, holding on to the left leg of an eagle that was flying and taking me to a desert mountain cave; not the sand dunes type of desert, but a wilderness type of desert. I looked to the right and a storm of very dark clouds was heading from our right toward the mountain. I could suddenly see the cave opening clearly, as if I had eagle eyes. The eagle said, “ “Hold on. I’ll get you there.” It was Danni, the eagle was Danni. I started to shift from my right hand holding on to (her) the eagle’s left leg to holding on to both legs. She asked, “What are you doing?” I told her I was holding on to both legs to balance the load so it would not hurt her one leg. Suddenly she was flying very fast. There was a man with a sport parachute coming toward us; I sensed he was evil. He had a yellow jump suit on; I don’t remember the color of the parachute. As Danni, the eagle, accelerated he fell to the ground. The very dark clouds were heading towards the mountain. As we got to where the cave entrance was, there were also metal grating platforms built for standing on the edge of the mountain. Danni said, “I’ll drop you here.” As we let go I somehow missed the entire desert mountain. Danni perched near the mountain cave, while I just floated for a few seconds, then dropped. I though it was odd that she didn’t put me down on the mountain ledge by the cave. As I fell, it seemed like I passed through a sparse cloud. When I landed, I was on the wilderness desert floor nearly a half mile away. The clouds were now all gray, but the storm clouds were gone. I started walking toward the desert mountain with the cave. For some reason I needed to be there.

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