Journal Entry: Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday, April 26, 2020

283.2. Step-ups: 55.

Anita got up and was watching a YouTube video called The Little Angel Of Columbia about a nine year old boy who had gotten a bunch of kids his age going around their area and taking care of and helping the elderly. I’m going to have to watch it sometime soon.

The way staffing worked out yesterday at work I spent much less time on the register and a lot more doing things in the store; I’m feeling it this morning. I think it’s good to physically push my body a bit extra sometimes. I am on the tired side today, but that is okay.

Read Luke 2:36-40.

Simeon and Anna recognized who the LORD Jesus Christ was when His human form was only eight days old. They even began proclaim Him and His arrival to others. How is it people did not seem to pay attention to Him and understand Who He was?

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