Journal Entry: Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020

283.4. No exercise.

No exercise and no guitar practice today; urostomy bag change. I also watched a presentation David Barton gave at Gateway Church (Pastor Robert Morris) on May 26, 2020 about Christianity and war called America’s Godly Heritage. It was interesting and presented some history that schools and the media like to leave out.

The United States of America has committed its sins, but it also has done some great and amazing things. People should be taught all of the truth about America: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

I believe Almighty GOD has His Hand upon America, and if we will repent and seek to grow ever closer to Him, and pray for our government, our leadership, and our nation as a whole in a positive, unselfish manner, I believe Almighty GOD will bless us with a hopeful future. We may be coming in to the times leading up to the Great Tribulation; we must pray for our country and all the people in it, not against them. May Almighty GOD grant us His Mercy and His Grace in the days ahead.

Read Luke 2:8-20.

Shepherds were used to be the first to proclaim that the infant Jesus IS Christ the LORD; the LORD and Messiah of Israel. What would that be like? You are watching your herd of sheep outside of Bethlehem in the countryside, and an angel of GOD appears to you to tell you Christ the LORD has just been born in a manger (an animal feeding trough) in a little town during a national census. Then the angel is joined by a host of angels praising GOD and proclaiming peace on earth and good will towards mankind. You go with your work buddies and see for yourselves this Christ the LORD as an infant child wrapped in strips of cloth laying in an animal food trough in the barn area of an inn. You eventually go back to your sheep. What do you do when you have seen such things? What would you be thinking? Would this change your life? Would you watch to see what kind of person this little baby would grow up to be?

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