Dreams and Visions: Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday, April 23, 2020


1. I was on a large university campus. Anita was with me. We were in a building on the campus, but I had to go outside to get to a classroom. I walked outside. It was a comfortable, sunny day. I turned left on the sidewalk, walked to the corner, turned right and walked to the third building. I then found the door to classroom 10. I went in and the professor was in a wheelchair just inside the door and to the left. He greeted me and told me I had to register before I could attend his class. It was a large classroom with many students. I walked back to where Anita was and told her. I had the impression that I was registering for 18 credits of class, and 4 or 5 classes.

2. I was in a car (I don’t remember what kind) and I was driving Mike, who was in the front passenger seat; he is a driver I worked with at Krazy Cab. It was as if we were friends. We were in an alleyway in a community of mobile homes, similar to a trailer park, but more of a subdivision with mobile homes instead of houses. I pulled over near a white mobile home. Mike got out, crossed the alleyway, and opened the hood of what looked like an old blue muscle car, similar to a Camaro SS, with no wheels. He opened the hood, did something under the hood for a minute, then walked back towards me. When he was almost back, the blue car (his) started vibrating and bounced across the alleyway and into another car in someone’s parking space. Mike turned around as people were coming out of their homes to go to work at the moment, and saw what had happened. He bent over and started yelling, “No! Nooo!” over and over; it was as if his world had just ended.

3. I was in a distopian setting where mobile trailers were being partitioned for us to sleep in. I was being shown a 6’ by 8’ area for me to sleep in when I realized my two bags with my belongings were missing. I put down whatever it was I had in my hands to reserve my spot and went outside. On a street corner I fell to the ground, I had been pushed. I looked at the ground and in front of me was my urostomy bag in its two separate pieces, but without the wax ring seal. I got on my knees and looked at my abdomen by pulling up my shirt and the seal was not on me; I only saw my stoma sticking out like usual. I quickly grabbed the pieces and held them, pressed them against me, over my stoma, hoping I wouldn’t pee all over myself like this. I was wondering what could have knocked me to the ground so forcefully and suddenly, and knocked my urostomy bag clean off of me. It felt as though there were three or four men standing in a circle over me.

I was then sitting on another corner, depressed and hopeless, and this lady, seemingly of Mexican descent, handed me two large pieces of wood. They were the front and back halves of a guitar body. Her older teenage son gave me a rounded piece of wood with a nobbed end. He said the nobbed end went into the curved slots of the pieces for the guitar body. The body was about 50-70% larger than a dreadnought acoustic body. I started putting the pieces together, then woke up.


A lady, sandy brown hair, talking outside in a park while being filmed, wearing a tan safari jacket on, “…then you…and me…” while using sign language.

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