Journal Entry: Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020

284.8. Lunges: 18” – 45; 12” – 55.

When waking up today I noticed my first finger on my left hand was not in pain. Yay! There is minor sourness and stiffness when I bend it, but it is markedly better than previously. My feet continue getting better. Yesterday my right ankle and foot suddenly was in pain and hard to use for a while at work. This morning the pain is gone and my foot is popping a bit. My back is a concern, however. There is quite a bit of soreness and pain when I’m moving around. It will recover, eventually.

As I watched The Blueprint: God’s Master Plan Fro Your Life – Rest Is Part Of His Plan by Pastor Robert Morris, I realized I do take one day a week to be an “easy” or “lazy” day, but I think I need to take it seriously and also spend more time with GOD on purpose on that day.

Read Luke 1:57-66.

Reading this makes me wonder, how much better off we would be if we only talked to say what the LORD GOD wanted us to?


I started hearing music played by a symphonic band. It was a few measures of an instrumental piece that was a lively, upbeat piece.

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