Journal Entry: Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020

285.4. No Exercise.

Guitar practice went well. I only worked on the lesson piece Night Out, which works on double hammer-ons and double pull-offs; but I did so until the joints in my left first finger were sore. This comes from working the register at work. I need to develop a much lighter and more accurate touch at work so I don’t jam my finger joints so much.

I want to be more of a witness of the Kingdom of GOD while at work. How to do so while in the context of work is the question. Working with a good attitude; working well, productively, and efficiently; being encouraging and often entertaining; praying when it seems appropriate for others (with them). I still feel like I have very little impact for the Kingdom of GOD.

Yesterday we were told we are to start wearing face masks during work, and our temperature is to be checked before we start shift daily. Personally, I think this is going too far, but it is the company’s decision, so I will comply with a good attitude.

Read Luke 1:39-56.

Miriam traveled to see Elizabeth, her older cousin who was to give birth to John the Baptist who would live in the spirit of Elias announcing the coming of the LORD Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah). Two women of the same family to birth our Saviour and His herald.


1. Kaiden outside came up to me with a juice box and a cookie.

2. I was in a rowboat on a calm resort lake on a calm, sunny day. Somebody said a large wave was coming in. We couldn’t see one. A lady swimming under water got really scared and started swimming hard.

Both visions were from a third person perspective.

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