Journal Entry: Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020

285.2. Step-ups: 40.

My legs continue to slowly get stronger.

Last night I got about six hours of sleep. Six and a half is usually my minimum. This morning I wanted to get up between my first and second snooze alarm. I usually allow myself to fully wake up by the first one, and am up and out of bed before the second one. Today I fell back asleep. Slow going so far, which means no guitar practice, but I am washing my whites.

Though I am still working, I hope this mess from the COVID-19 situation passes soon. So many people are living in such fear, it is truly sad.

I’m getting fed up with all the precautions being forced on us. Is this how people are going to continue to live? Always in fear? Always separated by barriers? Always wearing masks and gloves? That is not live life, that is fearing every little thing that might make you sick. People may as well stay home forever and never come out. There are so many diseases in this world, and so many life-ending things that can happen all the time, everywhere, every day; living in fear is just no way to live.

I almost died last year due to a cantaloupe sized tumor in my bladder that had nearly shut down my kidneys and caused a list of six or eight more maladies. I’m not interested in running and hiding from every little thing, no matter how serious it may be. I am going to live my life trusting Almighty GOD to take care of me. No matter what, I win either way. At the end of the day I will either be home with my precious wife here on earth, or I will be home with my Father in Heaven. Like I said, I win either way.

Read Luke 1:26-38.

I wonder, what kind of amazing young woman Miriam (Mary, in English) must have been for Almighty GOD to entrust the raising of His WORD, His Son, to her? What kind of amazing young woman must Miriam have been to agree to do so? What kind of stigma and burden that must have put upon her. She must have been truly amazing.

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