Journal Entries: Tuesday-Wednesday, April 14-15, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

282.8. Step-ups: 35.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

285.4. No exercise.

I’m a little concerned today. It’s my second day off work in a row, and my back is still bothering me at times. It’s from deep inside the muscle from the lower inside of my right shoulder blade and fans out a little toward my spine, and sometimes goes all the way across my back. I push myself at work to keep the best pace I can. I think as I continue to get stronger this will eventually go away. Two more months left on eliquis, then I am done with meds and can start back on my vitamin supplements again.

Guitar practice is going well enough. It is taking longer for me to be satisfied with my practice piece than I expected, but my performance piece I’m working on, The Logic Of Love by William Ellwood, is getting a little better than I expected and holds even more promise of improvement. As I regain my ability to singularly focus my playing is going beyond what I had before. This could get pleasantly interesting.

It has been colder these two days off work, and with my back I didn’t do any yard or garden work.

My progress at work is slow but steady. I am working more at being a leader that people want to follow, even though I am one of the junior employees at our store; we have some really great people here.

I have been getting concerned lately about how easy it is for people on social media to pass on gossip, disinformation, and lies without realizing what they are doing to others, to our country, or the cost it is taking and will take on their eternal souls. The Holy Bible spells out quite clearly what will happen to gossips, slanderers, and liars. I think we too often lose sight of this.

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