Journal Entry: Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday, April 13, 2020

283.4. Lunges: 18” – 35; 12” – 65.

Getting going a little slow today. I did my exercise, but not enough time to practice guitar before my quiet time.

Yesterday a Wiccan was in our store. When she said, “Blessed be,” it got a delayed reaction (after she left) from the gal I was working with. I always tell people, “Be Blessed,” or “Have a Blessed Day.” If this draws in people of a faith that at its root is not what they understand, so be it. LORD Jesus was considered a friend to sinners. He loved them so well that He was considered their friend. If the Love of GOD and His Kindness can be seen well enough in me, it should draw the pagans, witches, and even the satanists. The Love of GOD in me should be considerably more powerful than the power behind and at the root of what they believe, and are given over to at the current moment. I ask Abba Father every day on my way to work to help me treat people and love them His Way, so that He may be glorified. This kind of love will draw every one, no matter where they come from, no matter what their beliefs are, and regardless of the influence of the enemies of our souls and the evil influences over peoples lives. I MUST love all people with the LOVE of GOD; and I can only do so by His Holy Grace and Holy Spirit flowing through me. I must LOVE so well that the Presence and Love of Almighty GOD is experienced by every person who encounters me; even if all I am doing is ringing up their purchases, accepting their payments, and giving them change: even this can be done in a way that expressed the LOVE of GOD.

Read Mark 16:1-20.

I read this Holy Scripture and wonder, when will the signs that follow believers begin following me?

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