Journal Entry: Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday, April 12, 2020

284.6. No exercise today.

Kaiden spent the night last night, so no guitar practice this morning that might wake him up. We enjoy having him over.

Today is “Easter” Sunday. Are people celebrating Ishtar or are they celebrating the Resurrection of our LORD Jesus Christ? Sometimes, in today’s society it is hard to tell. Yesterday a coworker said, “Happy Easter,” to me. I responded in a polite, but less than enthusiastic manner, so she asked, “Don’t you like Easter?” To which I replied, “I’m not much of a holiday person.”

Personally, I’m fed up with what our “holidays” have become, and I really have no use for them. In my mind, the true importance of holidays should be celebrated every day by living their original purpose out daily in our lives. Celebrating is key, but anymore, what are we really celebrating? Do most of us even know? Do we really care?

Read Mark 15:16-47.

Quiet time vision:

I was in a pasture on a farm during a bright, sunny day. Then I was on a street in a big city at night. In both places I was the only person I saw.

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