Journal Entry: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

284.6. Step-ups: 15.

My right ankle is almost down to normal, but I start working again today. Step-ups were slow, but I’m improving. Guitar practice also went well.

I still want the full revelation of what exactly was going on in Mark 14:1-9.

Dan, a person I respect and trust, has an understanding of dreams that is greater than mine. He said (by email) to call him if I want to talk about the dream with the giant frogs in it. I’m going to have to email him again. I really do not like talking on a phone; I either write, or I talk in person.

With the COVID-19 shutdown of Indiana until April 30th, I am wondering how much of a state or even a country we will have left by then. Anita and I are blessed to work where we do; both of us in businesses that are to remain open. While the United States is now leading in the number of confirmed cases, we are also one of the largest countries by population in the world. Also, as of yesterday, we were 24th in per capita confirmed cases, and 28th in per capita COVID-19 related deaths. Since autopsies are not being regularly done, we don’t really know if COVID-19 killed them, or if it weakened them enough so an existing condition actually killed them.

Read Mark 14:1-9


A bushel of round, golden cherry tomatoes.

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