Journal Entry: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


As my weight seems to be climbing, I am just a little bit concerned. My right ankle is still swollen a little and my left hip joint is sore, even after a full eight hours of sleep. I have to keep at it. Rest today, lunges tomorrow, and step-ups and back to work the next day.

Yesterday President Trump extended his stay in place recommendation until April 30th. Indiana Governor Holcomb extended his lockdown executive order until April 30. I am concerned about the people this is affecting who will have no income, the businesses that will have no income, and the damage this will do to our economy. Will the economic losses cause so much strain on people that they will become more susceptible to other illnesses; particularly mental and emotional problems, including hopelessness, despair, and even suicide? We have a supposedly free nation yet our governments are trampling on our First and Second Amendment Rights. We are still not testing the general population in order to find the true exposure and mortality rate of COVID-19.

Disagree with the W.H.O. and Twitter is reportedly censoring people. I hope this is not true. Americans, for the most part, want their freedom. I wonder how long this will be tolerated before we start seeing signs of civil unrest. I also wonder how long it will be before thuggery starts popping up and the closed businesses are broken in to, or roving gangs start attacking people and invading their homes in search of needs, at first, then progressing quickly to taking whatever they desire.

We really need to be praying for our country and all the precious people in it (all people are precious). We also need to be praying for the leaders of our governments at every level. It is a time for repentance of all people, especially of GOD’s people.

Some governors are releasing hardened criminals, including murderers and child rapists, with the claim it is to stop the spread of COVID-19. Does anyone else think something truly evil is behind this? One mayor has even threatened to close down churches and synagogues permanently if they do not comply. This is a violation of the First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly; and the underlying right of freedom of property–the freedom to do with and on your property whatever you choose. To permanently close their doors? Forever?

The growth of government power and evil during this COVID-19 situation is the greatest threat we currently face; along with the precedents being set for future problems and government overreaches.

Read Mark 14:1-15.

I stopped my reading short in the chapter because I want to contemplate on the woman and her alabaster box of precious ointment. Think about this, what would so move a woman to break open an alabaster box, then to pour its entire contents worth a full year of wages (for me currently this would be about $22,000) over LORD Jesus’ head and anoint Him with it? I can hardly imagine this. When I worked at the EJ&E Railway a year’s wage for me was $70,000-$80,000. So, to me, this woman just poured somewhere from $20,000-$80,000 of precious (I’ll say) ointment over LORD Jesus. What would move any woman to do such a thing?

To me and my little brain, there had to be such a love and appreciation for LORD Jesus that I think it is maybe lost in our present world. Who loves like this? I wish I did. LORD GOD, help me to understand and know the love this woman had for our LORD Jesus Christ, and help me to live in such love.

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