Journal Entry: Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020

286.6. Step-ups: 10.

This morning has been slow going somehow. I have to fight the discouragement of a high weight and stay the course. I practiced guitar last night since I didn’t get to yesterday morning; nor did I this morning. One more shift, then two days off.

Today is Monday Madness at work with $1.00 per slice XL Pizza Slices. I wonder if it will be busy or not. I think it was a mistake to shut down our delivery service during the current situation with COVID-19. Other delivery services have seen a marked increase in business. I think this would have helped us had we kept the service going. Family Express should be advertising its delivery service to get it going.

My step-ups went better today. Only ten, but I was more stable than when I did only five a few days ago.

Read Mark 13.


An A/C coil for an old apartment window in a major city is covered in dirt, debris, and black gunk. Must have government approved cleaner to clean it.

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