Journal Entry: Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020

283.4. Lunges: 12”-100.

Well, I’ve completed the transition from 6” lunges to 12” lunges. The next step is going to take a little longer. I am now going to transition from 12” lunges to 18” lunges, and I am going to alternate days with step-ups. Step ups are going to start at 5 alternating step-ups and hopefully build to 300. I had done this before I started having trouble last year, and was doing the 300 in 20-25 minutes. However, I am going to use the slightly higher step than before. Also, I may stop at 200 and start adding weight; I’m not sure yet.

I am planning to increase my tithe and giving during the next two years. I have started working my way towards a double tithe. After all, it is GOD’s money; I’m just a steward. I started the first of this year adding one percent to the (GOD’s) tithe; so I’m at eleven percent. I plan to add one more percent each quarter to the tithe. I’m also wanting to start giving offerings and alms again. I like to give; it’s fun.

I want to be more of a light for the Kingdom of GOD where I work. I want Christ Jesus in me to make a deep and lasting difference in people’s lives.

Read Mark 7.

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