Dreams And Visions: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


I was at the end of a hallway entering a room through a normal wood interior door. I entered an empty back room that was lit, but I did not see any lights. I went through the door, turned to my right and went through a doorless entryway into another back room. This room was dimly lit by sunshine coming through the windows. The room was about 6’ wide and 16-18’ long. There was a closed sliding glass door to my left, a white appliance resembling a water heater about 5 feet into the room on my right, and an overhead wire type shelving on the right. I looked up and Danni’s (my store manager at work) gray purse was there (not any purse I have seen her use). There were a few blue items, like thick cards, visible that were visible from the side of her purse. It seemed her purse folded in half around these items. I looked on the shelf and it (the shelf) was otherwise empty. Danni and Brandy from work had asked me to find something on this shelf, but nothing was there. It felt as though I had to step over and around something, but the room was otherwise empty. The thought came to look at the blue items, but I immediately thought Danni’s purse was not mine to look in, so I didn’t. I did think, “Why is Danni’s purse here?” I was in a house. I turned around to leave the room and there was a giant tree frog about 8-10” long on the floor. I opened the sliding glass door and scooted it out with my foot, and closed the door. It had various colored green stripes running from its head down its back with a deep green dot below its left shoulder, and the lines on its back bent around the dot. I went back into the other utility room which was about 8 feet wide, and 16-18 feet long, well lit by windows, and empty. I looked down, and there was another identical frog on the floor. Then I noticed there was another one in front of him, and then two more at the door which was closed (it’s design was to open from the right side toward us) but not pushed completely shut. The two were both at the door opening, and they were all waiting to be let in the house. I was thinking, how did they get in here? The doors and windows were all closed. I pictured myself using a broom to scoot them out. For some reason I could not pick them up, but I did not have a broom. I shut the door completely so they couldn’t get into the rest of the house. It seems as I was waking up I peaked out of the room down the hallway. It was long, with white walls and ceiling, medium toned wood flooring, and only lit from sunshine coming in the windows from a room on the other end.

Thoughts and questions:

1. How did the frogs get there?

2. How did they know what a door was or the opening side of the door?

3. Whose house was I in?

4. Why was I in a house, seemingly empty to get something for work?

5. Why was Danni’s purse there?

6. What did the three blue items represent?

7. Frogs often represent something unclean, such as demons. What were they? Why were they there? It was as if they knew they had to be allowed in to go any further.

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