Journal Entry: Monday, March 16, 2020

Monday, March 16, 2020

282.8. Lunges: 12”-85; 6”-15.

6.5 hours of sound sleep last night. For some reason I still have a very low grade headache and seem a dull. Today will be six straight days of work, which may mean I am just a little weary at the end of my work week. No big deal. I did not get around fast enough to have guitar practice; time was also lost to having to change my urostomy bag today.

I so look forward to my quiet time, and often do not want to leave it; it is so peaceful.

It seems my weight has stabilized in the low 280’s. I cannot seem to change my eating habits anymore and stay with them. I’m hoping that as I gradually build my exercise routine I will start losing weight again. We shall see.

A lady came in to the store yesterday insisting that President Trump was going to give a speech at 4:00 p.m. and shut the entire country down for two weeks, and order everybody in the country into quarantine. I wish people would actually think about the foolish and stupid things they say. Then a gal I work with started saying, “Trump is an idiot. Trump is a moron.” and the like. Funny though, she can never articulate exactly why. It still amazes me how so many people so willingly accept the mainstream media’s purposeful lies without ever even questioning them or any part of them.

Read Mark 2.

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