Journal Entry: Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020

281.4. Lunges: 12”-70, 6”-30.

Yay! I’ve been blessed to learn three new things this past week from Danni, the store manager. Brandy and Lydia have also shown me something each. The more learning the better. There is so much to learn, and surely more them I am aware of.

I got nearly seven hours of sleep last night; which was an improvement. I’m trying to physically push myself at work a little bit. Moving quicker across the floor, and while doing certain tasks. Working in the cooler seems to be the most beneficial for me. The bending, kneeling and getting up, twisting, lifting, combined with a little more hustle gives me an invigorating bit of exercise; especially in the cooler temperature rang (33-40 degrees Fahrenheit). Last night I did the milk delivery, two stacks, without a cooler jacket and gloves. I quite enjoyed it.

I started the intermediate fingerstyle guitar book today. Yay!

COVID-19 seems to be on an increasing number of people’s minds. I believe everyone is going to be exposed to it eventually, like most other illnesses. We must start learning to trust in GOD and His grace. With the things I believe are coming, it is soon going to be the ONLY WAY.

Read Matthew 27.

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