Journal Entry: Monday-Tuesday, March 9-10, 2020

Monday, March 9, 2020


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

282.6. Lunges: 12”-60/6”-40.

During guitar practice I finished Alfred’s Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Book, and tomorrow I start on the Intermediate Book. I’ve been struggling with deciding what to do about working on pieces. I’m thinking now, maybe I relearn the pieces I used to play one at a time and post them on YouTube, Facebook, and my blog site. I have two acoustic guitars, a Martin D-1 single cutaway, and an Epiphone. I could use the Epiphone for working on alternate tuning pieces, like my version of Amazing Grace in Open G tuning. I’m thinking about doing an arrangement of Holy , Holy, Holy (LORD GOD Almighty) in an alternate tuning: 6-E flat, 5-G, 4-E flat, 3-G, 2-B flat, 1-E flat. It could be interesting.

I saw Chad Clifford a few nights ago. He is the owner of Front Porch Music in Valparaiso; and he sings and plays guitar with the Crawpuppies. He told me to come by and play on an open mic night, and to call if I’d like to host one. I may have to do that again come this summer. We shall see.

Anita and I went to Tomato Bar for lunch yesterday for our 37th Anniversary, which was on the 5th, but we were both working. We split a small salad and a medium pizza. It was quite tasty. I believe we will be going there again; and they have carry out and drive through–Yummy! Our waitress was really great, too.

I posted a piece about “Are You Going To Heaven Or To Hell” and one about the Wuhan Corona Virus yesterday. I also was finally able to add a categories menu to the bottom of my Home Page. I need to do a lot more writing and posting.

Read Matthew 24.

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