Do you fear the Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

Are you afraid of the Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID-19)? I am not. The mortality rate by age grouping according to Johns Hopkins Medical Center a few days ago was:

0-9 NO reported deaths

11-20 0.2% (3 out of 1,000)

21-30 0.2%

31-40 0.2%

41-50 0.4%

51-60 1.3%

61-70 3.6%

71-79 8.0%

80+ 14.8%

The United States is behind in testing because the tests that were available produced a FALSE NEGATIVE result in approximately 30% of its tests. The number of confirmed cases in the United States is going to spike because new, more accurate tests are being released by the CDC. As more people get tested, there will be more confirmed people infected, and the mortality rate will drop in proportion to the confirmed cases because only people who were suffering moderate to severe symptoms were being tested, along with the medical people treating them. We still do not know if COVID-19 is a seasonal flu and will greatly decline with the onset of spring or if it is a multi- or every-season flu.

The best thing you can do is maintain proper sanitary practices, and isolate at home if you believe you have COVID-19, or it has been suggested by your doctor.

The people most at risk are those with heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease, and the elderly. Looking at the mortality rate young children are NOT dying as a result of this virus, which seems unusual because most diseases also kill the very young due to their immune systems not yet being fully developed; however, in this situation this does not seem to currently be the case.

For more information about preventative measures you can take please visit the CDC Website at:

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