Journal Entry: Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday, March 6, 2020

284.6. Lunges: 50 – 12”, 50 – 6”.

I need to figure out how I can consistently cut down on some of my eating, just a little. It seems that if I cut breakfast some I am more tempted to eat a second time at work; and what I eat at work always has more carbs and calories. I need to cut seconds from dinner consistently and cut out snacks or desserts completely. Going to bed quicker/sooner after getting home will help with this, and help me get more sleep.

I only have a few pages left in my Alfred’s Fingerstyle Beginner Book remaining, then I get to relearn the Intermediate Book. I don’t think I’ve every gotten very far into the Master’s Book. I struggle to decide if I should work on other pieces also, or just focus on working (reworking) my way through the three books and only focus on my arrangements – both arranging and mastering them. Amazing Grace in Open G tuning is my only piece right now. I also have an original pair of pieces I used to play together in standard tuning: A Place Of Solitude, and Eden’s Dawn.

I’ve begun moving considerably quicker and faster at work, along with increased stamina. It’s nice. I still have a way to go on stairs, steps, ladders, and getting up from one or both knees. I am making steady progress though. Praise be to GOD!

Read Matthew 21.

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